About Us

KIMASWO promotes health, human rights, and economic empowerment for male sex workers in Western Kenya. We provide services to meet growing demand from a group of workers that fails to receive the legal rights and protection they deserve.

The Kenyan constitution protects universal human rights for every person, but sex work in Kenya is criminalised. KIMASWO was founded in 2012 to meet growing demand for services from the male sex worker community. In 2018, the organization was registered under Kenya social services to become an official organization.

We provide the following services:


Kenya’s criminalization of sex work can prevent male sex workers from receiving the right health care. KIMASWO has referred more than 450 male sex workers for the health services they need.

Human rights

Legal and cultural stigmas against the LGBTQ community in Kenya increase discrimination against male sex workers. KIMASWO has trained more than 50 male sex workers on legal human rights and security measures they can take to live in safety.

Economic empowerment

Male sex workers are financially vulnerable. KIMASWO has trained more than 15 male sex workers on business skills they can use to diversify their sources of income.