KIMASWO Services

KIMASWO aims to grow the health, education, advocacy, and community of male sex workers in Western Kenya. Within the male sex worker community, we serve heterosexual men, bisexual men, men selling sex to other men, and trans-sex workers.  

We provide:

  • Health care and education
    • KIMASWO is a resource for health and sex education to decrease risks among male sex workers, including HIV. To support our goal, Kisumu County Hospital in addition to other organizations collaborates with KIMASWO to help male sex workers find sexual and reproductive health services.
    • By contacting KIMASWO, male sex workers can access crucial health services that they may not be able to find elsewhere. This is due in part to KIMASWO’s partnerships with several organizations that promote physical health and emotional support. These organizations are listed on our Partnerships page.
  • Security and safety training
    • Male sex workers face heightened safety risks. KIMASWO provides security and safety training to share self-protection strategies.
  • Legal support
    • KIMASWO refers male sex workers in need of legal guidance to resources that reinforce their rights under international law.
    • Those who experience human rights violations can contact KIMASWO for support.
  • Entrepreneurship and business education
    • Male sex workers can face limited access to more economic options. This makes it hard for male sex workers to diversify their incomes and/or leave the profession if they so choose.
    • KIMASWO offers education on entrepreneurship, business management, and career opportunities beyond sex work. 
    • We aim to close the economic gap between male sex workers and other working professionals.
  • Provide a community for male sex workers
    • Due to its criminalised status, male sex work is often an “underground” endeavour. This can prevent male sex workers from forming social networks that offer support. 
    • KIMASWO creates a community for male sex workers to feel safe and welcome. By providing health education, resources for career development, and personal security training, KIMASWO offers fellowship for male sex workers to guide each other through challenges.
  • Outreach and awareness
    • The challenges faced by male sex workers in Kenya often go unnoticed by most of the world. KIMASWO aims to add this group’s voice to the global conversation on human rights.
    • We want this awareness to result in grants, donations, and other funding sources that can help us share more services.